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About Bionest Partners

Bionest Partners is unique among medical business strategy consultants, in developing creative strategies and actionable implementation plans.
We work to create competitive advantage for our clients by developing innovative and differentiated strategies at the corporate, portfolio and brand levels of medical and life science businesses. We also provide valuation and due diligence services to companies, investors and private equity.

We combine deep understanding of the science and technology underpinning our clients' products with strong commercial insights. Our approach is highly participative and we work closely with our clients to ensure that our processes and findings are fully integrated into client teams.

Our staff and clients are based on three continents, enabling us to bring global insights and recommendations to complex issues.

Key info
Alain J. Gilbert

Alain co-founded Bionest Partners 10 years ago after a 30 year career in the life sciences and health-care industry. Over this time, Alain worked in a number of top executive management positions around the globe with large pharma and device companies, such as Abbott Laboratories and Medtronic. He has also led innovative companies at the development stage, notably as European founder President of Biogen, where he was responsible for the launch of Avonex ®, a biotech breakthrough treatment for MS, as well as European founder of IDEXX Labs Inc., which is involved in veterinary, diagnostic, water, and food contaminant testing products.

At Bionest, Alain leads the inception and execution of sales and marketing, product launches, and international deployment, applying his skills in managing large organizations spread throughout the world.

He is most involved in the operational side, sharing his vast experience to support strategic teams.

Alain offers the unique combination of experience as a leader and manager of businesses in a cross- section of pharma, medical devices, and diagnostic areas.

He has served on the boards of several small biotech companies, mainly in Europe.

Advisory Services

Strategy Development
Creating innovative and actionable strategies is the cornerstone of Bionest’s business. We work closely with clients to build compelling strategies for competitive advantage, growth and sustainability in all areas of medicine and life science. Our clients have entrusted us with crafting strategies at the corporate, therapeutic area, portfolio and franchise levels.

New Product Planning
Bionest’s New Product Planning service delivers commercialization strategies for new products, starting in the development stage. Our approach encompasses qualitative research, competitive benchmarking and quantitative analyses to define the product’s value proposition. Together with our clients, we work to define differentiated positioning and initial messaging. We also assist clients to develop innovative commercial models particularly for specialty indications, build plans for life cycle management and define patient service strategy.

Global Market Entry
Bionest has supported many companies in establishing a direct commercial presence in Europe and is currently developing its Latin America and Asia practice. Clients are typically U.S.-based, with a novel product up to two years from approval. Our approach is innovative and recommendations are creative and unconventional. Our services include market assessments, pricing, early access programs, sales force sizing, logistics, operations and financial planning. We strive towards minimizing financial investment through the use of virtual organizational models and third parties until the product’s approval, pricing and reimbursement are achieved.

Personalized Medicine
Bionest’s Personalized Medicine [PM] practice is a leader in the field. Thirty years’ of experience in diagnostics, together with a strong pharmaceutical practice has endowed Bionest with superior insights into PM. A wide variety of clients have benefited from the development of strategies and launch plans for biomarkers and companion diagnostics. We bring to each PM engagement a thoroughly pragmatic approach that demystifies diagnostics for our pharmaceutical clients. The practice encompasses planning for both the development and commercialization of drug and diagnostic pairs.

Opportunity Assessment
Bionest has a very long history of assessing the commercial prospects for new medical products. Our strong scientific background provides the skills to gain a deep understanding of innovative products, in a multiplicity of therapeutic fields, which we then combine with strong forecasting methodology. Our approach begins with in-depth qualitative interviews with Key Opinion Leaders in the relevant field. After defining the product’s value proposition we test our findings with a combination of payers, competitors and industry executives before constructing detailed financial models using probabilistic forecasting. Our forecasts are often used to guide clinical development decisions.

Opportunity assessments also underpin our Strategy Development, New Product Planning and European Market Entry assignments.

Due Diligence
Bionest has substantial experience in leveraging our deep understanding of the medical and life sciences industries at the operating and strategic level, on behalf of private equity and strategic buyers. We have found that we are significantly differentiated from generalist consulting firms owing to the access that our wide network brings, and this gives a competitive edge to our clients during the buying process.

Bionest can also perform Vendor Due Diligence, as a credible third party, for the benefit of sellers. This service provides a comprehensive document for buyers and improves the opportunity for a seller to maximize the number of potential buyers.

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